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We offer translation from Japanese to Arabic.
When you need to submit your family register (Koseki Tohon), Marriage certificate (Certificate of acceptance / Juri shomeisho), etc. with translation certificate, we are sure that we can provide that service!


Do you need to submit Japanese official documents to Morroco? If so, CUTBELL International Legal Affairs Office in Tokyo can help you.

 CUTBELL’s office is located in Shibuya, one of the busiest commercial centers in Tokyo.  It is also within 5 minutes walk from the Shibuya Notary Office, which provides “one-stop service” for issuing official documents.

☆ CUTBELL has years of extensive experience of handling international documents and in procedures such as Apostille, Legalization, Translation (English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Arabic), Company Setup and Authentication of a wide variety of documents, etc.

☆ CUTBELL is also officially designated as a qualified applicant by the Saudi Cultural Bureau in Japan.  This is the result of the trust CUTBELL has garnered as a professional of documents in Japan.

☆ CUTBELL has extensive knowledge of Japanese Company Law and provides high-level translation service.  The quality of CUTBELL’s service is recognized by many major corporations in Japan.

Translation fee from Japanese to Arabic

Translation fee differs depending on how many people are written in your certificate.
Please contact us to get Quotation including all support fee and actual expense.

Translation to Arabic + Translation certificate

Marriage certificate: 16,500 JPY ~

Family register: 17,600 JPY ~

Marriage certificate and Family register: 26,400 JPY ~

Marriage certificate: 39,000 JPY ~

Family register: 41,200 JPY ~

Marriage certificate and Family register: 63,700 JPY ~


Translation certificate Sample

Sample of translation certificate

Sample of Notarization in Arabic

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