What is "Apostille" ? why you need it and how do you get it in Japan? The way to apply for Apostille in Japan is quite complicated. We can present you the fastest and most secure way to obtain apostille!

Apostille attched to the original public document

General Information about Apostille

Providing apostille services in Tokyo, Japan and 90+ countries.

Apostille system came into practice seeing the need for a more efficient system of attestation of documents. Many countries felt the need to eliminate the complicated process. Hence, to ease trade and movement between countries and entered into a treaty abolishing the lengthy process. This agreement is known as The Hague Apostille Convention.

The members of this convention agreed to simplify the legalization process and decided on a one-time authentication by the issuing country’s authority which will be accepted by all the member countries. In Japan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan issues the apostille directly on the public document and you need to go through Notary Office to issue apostille on Private document.
But some of countries including UAE, China, Vietnam are not a member of this treaty yet and follows the legalization process.

We, at CUTBELL, can assist you with the documents moving between member countries of the convention. We provide apostille services for any kind of document from Japan.  

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Image of Apostille

Here is the example of Apostille issued in Japan

Sample of fee for apostille

・Apostille for 1 official document without translation : 15,000 JPY ~

・Apostille for 1 birth certificate (certificate of acceptance) with translation from Japanese to English : 31,500JPY ~

・Apostille for 1 family register (Koseki Tohon) which includes 4 nembers of family with translation from Japanese to English : 34,500 JPY ~

・Apostille for 1 official document without translation and delivery to Manila, Philippines in July 2023: 19,956 JPY ~

Apostille for 1 official document without translation and delivery to Geneve,  Switzerland in July 2023: 20,898 JPY ~

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Documents issued by Japanese public offices and local governments (certified copy of register, family register, certificate of acceptance, etc.) can directly obtain an apostille by applying to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    However, even if it is an official document, if a translation is required to be attached, it is treated as a private document and cannot directly obtain an apostille. 

    It usually takes 5 days after the original document arrives at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. The cost is 15,000 yen.

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