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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

CUTBELL is one of the agencies designated by Cultural Office of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Japan. We have experience over 13 years and guide you to your goal with a rich know-how.

Consular section

You cannot apply for Legalization by Consular Section of KSA in Tokyo directly. All documents have to be submitted via designated agency. Please contact us first and we can guide you better.

cultural office

Cultural Office of KSA in Tokyo accept documents application only submitted by designated agencies, and CUTBELL is one of the two agencies. 

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), is a country on the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. It has a land area of about 2,150,000 km2 (830,000 ㎡), making it the fifth-largest country in Asia, the second-largest in the Arab world, and the largest in Western Asia.

1, Choose the service you require

*Please ask which kind of attestation is required to the organs you are submitting your attested documents.

27,500 yen~ /a document


38,500 yen ~/a document

②MOFA Japan authentication
+ Cultural office attestation

65,300 yen~ /a document

③MOFA Japan authentication
+ Cultural office attestation
+ Consular section attestation

56,600 yen ~/a document

④Apostille + Cultural office attestation

2, Prepare the requested documents

1. ORIGINAL documents to be attested(Academic certificate issued in English, Transcript issued in English, etc.) 

  • They should be issued within 3 months.
  • Name written in Passport and these documents should be EXACT MATCH.
  • Certificate with ’POPITA’ letter (issued at convenience stores) is rejected.

2. Soft copy of your passport (Face photo page spread)

  • It should be legible enough to read.

3. Soft copy of Contract or Offer letter, etc.

  • In case you are already contracted and you use the attested documents to obtain your Work Visa:Contract letter
  • In case you use the attested documents for official contract with your job:Offer letter
  • You cannot ask attestation for any future use.

4. Request letter*(Cultural office:It can be soft copy    /     Consular section:It can be soft copy only if you live outside of Japan)

  • Signature must be in handwriting.  You cannot use e-signature or image of your signature.

5. Soft copy of A Reference Note of 10 digits Visa Permission Number

  • In case the purpose of use of the attested documents is for work Visa
  • Issued by Qiwa, etc.

6. Consent letter*(It can be soft copy)

  • All applicants must prepare. 

*Request letter and Consent letter will be prepared by us. You will print them and sign.

3, Confirm Verification of Issuance By University

Verification of issuance by university: CUTBELL and Cultural office shall email your university to verify if the certificate was truly issued at the university

  • In case of service ④: Both of CUTBELL* and Cultural office will email the university to verify its issuance.
  • In case of service ①②③: Cultural office will email the university to verify its issuance.

*In case you ask us to obtain your new certificate, CUTBELL need not ask verify the issuance.

You must inform us contact information of university(Division, person in charge, email address and phone number)and the required documents such as soft copy of passport to verify issuance.

  • In case you ask us to obtain your new certificate, we will ask information above on behalf of you.
  • In case you prepare your certificate by yourself, you must inform us of information above.

4, Confirm Terms and Conditions

・All services we provide are after your payment.  We accept credit card payment via square or Paypal, and bank transfer. The applicant must pay the bank charge for remittance.

・We can’t refund money due to customer’s circumstances.

・In case Saudi Cultural Office and Consular Section are close due to national holidays in KSA and unexpected events, it takes more days to get documents attested.

・Please confirm the expiration date of your certificates and schedule after obtaining attestation.  According to the rules of Saudi Cultural Office in Japan, certificates once applied for by Saudi Cultural Office in Japan cannot be re-attested for the same purpose unless there are unavoidable circumstances such as the closure of the visa center. 

・We will not be held responsible even if your attested certificate expires and cannot be used after attestation by Saudi Cultural Office in Japan.

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