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Family Register


Actual fee and other attestation support are exclueded

Family register which called “Koseki-Tohon (戸籍謄本)” incluedes all information of Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Adoption and Death. This can be used for the proof of those fact. For Visa application, Koseki-Tohon is most frequently used.

※You need to confirm of this can be accepted and meet the qualification first
※We don’t guarantee the acceptance of document

Please contact us for the quotation and send the scan data 

①Your passport 

②old certificate that you have recieved before

Once you acknowledege the quotation, you will proceed to the payment either by bank transfer or credit card

We must see you online to confirm your intention and we can answer to your question.

Gyoseishoshi lawyer is allowed to apply for Koseki-Tohon using a special application form, which need no Power of Attoerny to be sent to our office

Please relax wait for the delivery of your document!

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