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Birth Certificate

13,200 yen~

Actual fee and other attestation support are exclueded

In Japan there is no document called “Birth Certificate”, so people use other type of documents.  Certificate of Acceptance (受理証明書) is frequently used for the proof of birth.

※You need to confirm if this can be accepted and can meet the qualification first
※We don’t guarantee the acceptance of document

Please contact us for the quotation and send the scan data 

①Your passport 

②old certificate that you have recieved before

Once you acknowledege the quotation, you will proceed to the payment either by bank transfer or credit card

We must see you online to confirm your intention and we can answer to your question.

Any city hall in Japan require the original signed Power of Attornery to be submitted alongside the application.

Please relax wait for the delivery of your document!

Terms and Conditions 

  • We ask you to show us your old certificate of acceptance or any official documents which states your birth to specify where, when and who submitted your birth notification.
  • We do not guarantee that you will receive a birth certificate. We will obtain a birth certificate based on the information you provide. If the information provided is insufficient or if the birth notification was not submitted to the Japanese government office within the determined period at a determined place in the first place, we may not be able to obtain the birth certificate on your behalf. 
  • We will not give a full refund when it was not our fault and we were unable to obtain your birth certificate.


We can take your birth certificate on behalf of you in Japan.  It is issued at city hall where your parents submitted your birth notification when you were born.  It should be where you lived or your hospital was located.  Please inform us of this information if possible.  It is written on your birth certificate when you were born if you or your parents still have them too.

birth cer

document obtaining service

Birth Certificate

12,100 yen~

Actual expense is exclueded

There is no document titled “Birth Certificate” in Japan. Certificate of acceptance, which is 受理証明書 (Juri-shomeisho) can be accepted as a Birth Certificate.

※You should confirm this certificate could be accepted by the reciever first

① Scan data of your passport

② Scan data of your old certificate or something else that shows the details of your birth

Get a quotation from our consultant, Once you place an order, invoice will be issued and complete the payment.

In order to apply for the certificate in your place, we must see you online and confirm your intention.

Any city hall requires the original singed Power od Attorney. We can prepare the draft of PoA and please send the original to our office.

Please relax and wait for the delivery home.

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