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Vehicle Registration

Do you know what to collect? Do you know where to go? …No, probably not. Let’s say “good-bye” to waste of time! We, CUTBELL International Legal Affairs Office, will take care of all of your paperwork for the procedure and minimize your time and money!

Shibuya & setagaya

Change ownership of your vehicle

35,000 yen ~

CUTBELL consists of experts of procedure for vehicle as well as handling documentations for overseas.

In addition, when the vehicle transfer occurs across different jurisdiction, you are also required to change the number plate. Originally you should have to go to the Branch Office of the Transportation Bureau to change the number plate, which is also a much trouble for you.

However, there is an only way that you do not have to visit the Branch Office to change it!!

The system is called “Shuccho-Fuin”, written in Japanese「出張封印」. And CUTBELL provides this service.

Only qualified agents such as Gyoseishoshi Lawyers in Tokyo are allowed to travel to your parking space and do the procedures on your behalf. To put it more clearly in perspective, it is an “on-site service” of installing and sealing License plate.

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