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Birth Certificate

birth cer

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Birth Certificate

12,100 yen~

Actual expense is exclueded

There is no document titled “Birth Certificate” in Japan. Certificate of acceptance, which is 受理証明書 (Juri-shomeisho) can be accepted as a Birth Certificate.

※You should confirm this certificate could be accepted by the reciever first

① Scan data of your passport

② Scan data of your old certificate or something else that shows the details of your birth

Get a quotation from our consultant, Once you place an order, invoice will be issued and complete the payment.

In order to apply for the certificate in your place, we must see you online and confirm your intention.

Any city hall requires the original singed Power od Attorney. We can prepare the draft of PoA and please send the original to our office.

Please relax and wait for the delivery home.

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